thinning scissor


Thinning Scissor
Incredible Brand-New High-Quality Hair scissors. There is no doubt your Hair cutting tools make you more professional in your work and if your tools support your working styles then you can produce best and maximum results with less effort. Smooth cuts and sharp edges of the Hair scissors makes easy for hairdressers to thin hair. It is a perfect tool for hair thinning, it’s easy to handle and gives smooth feeling while thinning hair. This professional hair thinning scissors is designed according to the comfort level of hand with detachable finger rest. When you hold it in hand it does not put any stress on the hands and fingers because of the finger rest. An ideal scissor for all type of light/thin or thick/heavy hair. The sharp, tightly fitted blades of scissors provide you perfect haircut. Its razor-sharp edges give you always clean and smooth cut. Ideal Hair Thinning scissors.
Salon Hairdressing Hair cutting thinning scissors Barber professional hair scissors
Size: 6.5″ Inches
Made from high quality Japanese Stainless Steel. This is premium quality steel.

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